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Acrux Technologies is a leading information and communication technology (ICT) provider. We have offices in Pakistan and USA. We operate through our partners in the Middle East and the United Kingdom. We also have a number of strategic partnerships in Pakistan with other leading ICT providers to provide a broad range of solutions to our customers.

Company Overview

Acrux Technologies founded 7 years ago has ventured into a number of conventional and non-conventional areas ranging from Software development, ICT consulting, Internet of things, Airport technologies, Trade Facilitation, Business Process Analysis, Data analytics, Strategic and tactical planning, Weapon simulators, Facial recognition, Security and surveillance.

Acrux maintains a very sharp focus on the quality of its human resource and has over the years made a sustained and significant investment in R&D. Our human resource stands out as highly skilled, disciplined and motivated and our product portfolio is at the cutting edge of technology. This is best reflected in the fact that Acrux has carved out a reputation that it is the “technology provider to technology providers” as is so vividly reflected in our customer base. The technical expertise of Acrux is such that technology providers like to partner with us. Recently, Leonardo and Thales of Italy have signed contracts with Acrux Technologies to provide top-notch technical expertise to New Islamabad International Airport for operations and maintenance of its key systems.