Acrux and its strategic partners have 30+ years of customs modernization and trade facilitation experience. Our expertise in customs / trade specific business process analysis, requirements specification documentation, software development, testing, training, implementation and change management is well proven. Our enabling framework for customs is in line with the international best practices.
Our areas of expertise in the fields of customs and customs automation include:
Our core team member have worked extensively on the development of paperless customs system tightly integrated with the latest tools such as predictive data analytics, dashboard, video analytics, smart tags, eSeals, vehicle / container number recognition, satellite based tracking and mobile devices.
We provide our services to modernize customs ICT and infrastructure including data center management, LAN/WAN operations, configurations & maintenance, Servers / SAN configuration & maintenance, data, application & premises security management, database management etc.
Salient components of our paperless customs system include the following:

Our experience with e-governance and automation of public and private sector organizations enables us to leverage our expertise in developing National Single Window for trade. We have in-depth understanding of customs business processes and that of other government agencies working at seaport, airports, inland dryports and border crossing points.
Our experience with the latest tools and technologies can enable any customs administrations to modernize its processes, thus increasing its throughput and effectiveness. Some of such latest tools and technologies include:

Electronic Seals & RFID Integration

  • Bluetooth RFID Reader for tablets & smartphones
  • Read Electronic Seals (e-Seals) instantly
  • Tightly integrated with our Smart Inspection App
  • Supports International Standards

Smart Gates & Check Posts

  • Automatic Vehicle Number Plate Recognition
  • Vehicle authentication through RFID
  • Container Number Reader
  • Automatic record of vehicles / containers movement
  • Container Tracking capability

Smart Examinations

  • Tightly linked with assessment & examination modules
  • Live video feed of inspection activity to Command & Control Center
  • Live video feed of inspection activity to Command & Control Center
  • Tablet based inspection report
  • Access to products databases

Big Data and Predictive Analytics

  • Insight-driven risk-management, powered by predictive analytics and modelling can spot suspicious behavior patterns, flagging potential cases for further investigation and prevention
  • A phased approach with predictive analytics at its core can help agencies identify untapped pockets of revenue. By starting small—where the return outweighs a modest initial investment—agencies can fund the subsequent phases