Acruxtek provides professional data center designing services. We develop, as a part of our services, technical drawings and specifications for the construction of new, expanded, consolidated, co-located or relocated data centers.We ensure that data centers are designed to precisely meet requirements of our clients while preventing possible problems and risks during the construction phase. We ensure that risk factors affecting the performance and high-availability are minimized during day-to-day operations of the data center.We keep sharp focus on the following five critical design areas:

  • Power layout and quality
  • Racking system specifications and layout
  • Environmental factors such as cooling, fire protection & monitoring of the data center
  • Systems, storage & networks
  • Operational security and safety



We adopt modular and scalable approach in conjunction with the requirements of energy-efficient design. The result, therefore, is a mission-critical environment which can grow with demands of the business while minimizing its cost impact. We produce drawings and specifications which address every aspect of the data center project’s architectural, structural, electrical, mechanical, security and fire protection requirements. We also provide general specifications and contract provisions for all vendors and trade contractors. These instructions set forth the specific requirements for bid submission, award of contract, progress payments, change order applications, scheduling, quality control, start-up, testing, and as-built documentation, as well as, operations and maintenance standards.

We have specialists in the installation of generators, multi/single module UPS/battery systems, diverse path electrical distribution systems, complete control wiring and grounding systems. We design and install complex fiber optic and copper network cabling followed up by a rigorous testing of the installed network cabling.
In the domain of data center cooling systems, we design modular, scalable, flexible, and reliable cooling systems taking following design considerations into focus:

  • CRAC Unit- both DX, glycol, water cooled systems
  • IRC: In-Row air-conditioning
  • Outside air economizer
  • Rear door heat exchangers
  • Variable speed drives
  • Local management sensors
  • Containment
  • Hot/Cold aisle topologies

We provide expertise in economical utilization of space for the data centers. While designing the data centers, we take into account requirements for white-space with key support area’s such as staging, storage, loading areas, conference areas, support offices, security rooms, NOC’s etc. Our services for data center space utilization include

  • Raised assess flooring
  • Building shell
  • Geographical consideration; flood, earthquake, hurricane, etc.
  • Modular architectures
  • Space planning
  • Structural considerations
  • External / internal security issues
  • Work area and utility planning
  • Meet me rooms
We provide specialist resources for carrying out of cable basket systems, fiber runner, ladder racking, cabinets, structured cabling systems and electrical activations.