FaceAI® facial recognition technology is based on deep learning architecture to gain state-of-the-art performance on benchmark face recognition datasets such as LFW.
FaceAI® is looking to serve several different markets including Retail, Law Enforcement, Airports & Transportation, Commercial Security and Gaming. For every security or customer-identification goal, FaceAI® can give an accurate alerts in seconds. FaceAI® is military-grade facial identification that communicates instantly with a vast central database, configured as per client’s requirements.
Acrux Technologies is currently working on developing new features in its FaceAI® facial recognition portfolio some of the new features are:

FaceAI® Livecam

In this feature, IP CCTV camera is embedded with high end ARM processor with built-in DSPs to get the maximum performance for our facial recognition algorithm. The client has the capability to upload the watch list and our product matches the uploaded watch-list images with the real-time video stream and raise alert where an image from real-time video feed is detected. There is an option to incorporate number of camera engines from Low light to IR cameras and even thermal imagers.

FaceAI® Matching Server

FaceAI® centralized matching server software can reside on a cloud platform and can match 1 : 1 and 1 : many images in a secure fashion. It is designed to search a database of up to millions of facial templates in a very quick span of time. A customized API can be exposed so you can send the images for the identification. A separate module is available to train the additional templates any time.

FaceAI® Windows Login

This feature provides secure and easy way to incorporate the login credential system using FaceAI® facial recognition technology using attached or external webcam.