InSATS is an indigenously developed firearms training and combat simulator to enhance engagement skills of military and law enforcement agencies in real-world situations, ambushes and maintain situational awareness.

Retrofitted with recoil mechanism and sensors, InSATS provide difficult real-world situations with ZFM periscope visual display. InSATS, equipped with electro-magnetic recoil assembly, uses infrared sensor to point at the screen. MEMS / gyroscope provides accurate pointing (< 10 mm). Functional specifications of InSATS can be enhanced by using pulse, sweating and temperature sensors in wearable form factor.

InSATS provides simulated telescope view in 3D with zoom in and zoom out functions. It also provides facility to toggle views. 3D computer generated scenes include mountains, tropical region, desert and urban areas. The system provides to add 3D mesh objects in the scenes like military vehicles, plantation, humans, animals and buildings to make the scenes closer to real life situations. Climatic conditions like rain, fog and clouds can also be imposed on the scenes. Additional features include sunlight / moonlight conditions and atomic clock synchronization.


Acrux has incorporated 3D surround sound system for explosions, engine sounds, soldier voices etc. in InSATS. The software also takes into consideration factors like velocity, friction and wind. Artificial engine of InSATS uses neural network, genetic algo and fuzzy logic to make the simulator as close to real-life as possible.Instructor module of InSATS provide facility to create and manage battlefield scenarios along with controlling of environmental conditions, 3D model movement, loading battlefield maps and virtual terrain database. The simulator can be used in practice or live modes. The instructor is able to manage learner and results database. The instructor can also record & playback exercises and use firing graphs and advanced statistics to adjudge the outcome.
Following are the specifications of 3D simulation engine:
3D Computer Generated Scenes
  • Mountains, tropical region, desert, city & buildings
  • Rain, fog, clouds, sunlight, moon position
  • Atomic clock synchronization
3D Mesh Objects Assets Library
  • Buildings, military vehicles, plantation, humans, animals etc.
Advance Gaming Sub Engines
  • Physics Engine (Mass, velocity, friction, wind)
  • A.I Engine (Neural Network, Genetic Algo, Fuzzy logic)
Simulated Battlefield Sounds
  • Explosions, engine sounds, weather sounds, soldier voices etc.
  • C++, C#