VigilBox monitors critical environmental conditions, such as smoke, temperature, humidity, liquid water presence, motion, intrusion and vibration etc.When a sensor reading crosses the configurable threshold, VigilBox notifies via email, LEDs, alarm beacon, mobile phone or a browser based monitoring dashboard.
Following are the main features of the VigilBox product:

    • supports various kinds of sensors including but not limited to:temperature, humidity, smoke, intrusion, moisture, air conditioner, diesel generator set, commercial mains power,fuel
    • Monitorspower supplies: Commercial AC power, batterybanks, rectifiers, backup generators, UPS systems
    • Broadcasts / pushes alarm signals with customized inputparameters
    • Power consumption of the VigilBox device is less than 60W – overall system power consumption depends onnumber of sensors as well as types of sensors installed
    • Optional passive PoE (Power Over Ethernet)
    • Output Solid State Relays (SSR) for control of externaldevices
    • Multiple Digital & Analog I/Os. (modular design supports additional alarms/IOs, if required)
    • SMS Alerts (Optional)


VigilBox is based on the Nagios open-source network management system. VigilBox thus enables organizationsto identify and resolve ICT infrastructure problems before they affect critical businessprocesses. Designed with scalability and flexibility in mind, our solution gives an instant awareness of ones organization’smission-critical remote infrastructure. Our solution allows our customers to detect and repair problems andprevent future issues before they affect end-users.

Security & Surveillance

Acruxtek offers a full range of solution to secure sensitive installations against any unauthorized intrusion and terrorist attacks. Our offerings include the following:
Non-Lethal Electric Fence (NLEF)
NLEF provides an effective deterrence against intrusion into a sensitive area restricting any sort of movement across perimeter of an installation. The most common usage of NLEF is to enhance the security of sensitive areas such as airports, military installations, prisons, and other security sensitive places. NLEF can also be effectively used for the protection of residential areas.
The fence installation is designed keeping the human safety in consideration and avoiding any undesired engagement or false alerts. The NLEF provides accurate and timely alerts identifying the exact point of intrusion. NLEF can be augmented with installing concentria coils to further bolster the perimeter security.
Intelligent Video Analytics
Acruxtek uses BRS Labs’ AISight® system which is an artificial intelligence based solution for video surveillance. AISight system teaches itself to recognize and raise alert on an unexpected behavior across any camera’s field of view. This patented, award-winning technology improves safety and security by helping organizations recognize and respond to threats in real time. AISight system supports a wide range of cameras and networks, in new or existing infrastructures. Enterprise deployments with thousands of cameras can typically be installed within the days, without custom programming or human intervention. Managed cloud installations can be fully functional in a short period of time.
AISight system provides data-driven, real-time insights as events unfold, rather than just forensic information applied after the fact delivers direct visibility into safety issues as well as security, such as automatic recognition of smoke, fire, and flooding. It enhances situational awareness and risk assessment by applying behavioral recognition technology that’s easier to deploy, easier to use, more effective and less expensive to operate than any alternative currently available.
Vehicle Access Control System – VACS
VACS provides vehicle identification using UHF RFID reader. Secure e-Tags can be affixed on the windshield of vehicles. The system detects the vehicle automatically and can open road blocker or barrier attached with it. The identity of drivers can also be verified using multi-biometric readers to strengthen the overall security.
Personnel Access Control System – PACS
PACS provides personnel identification using smart cards or multi-biometric authentication systems.Acruxtek also provides software for complete smart card life cycle management. PACS also integrates with the security equipment installed at entry / exit points such as turnstiles or electronic locks.
Physical Security Information Management – PSIM
Centralized command and control software that helps integrate all the security equipment in a unified environment. Tightly integrated and based on the industry best practices, we can provide 360 degree view of complete security infrastructure. PSIM provides real time situational awareness of an installation. It can be implemented using a scalable and modular design with high availability and disaster recovery components.

Intelligent Transportation System

Intelligent Transportation System provides state of the art IT solutions to solve the transportation industry problems such as congestion, toll collection, red light enforcement etc. It enables elements within the transportation system—vehicles, roads, traffic lights, message signs, etc.—to become intelligent by embedding them with microchips and sensors and enabling them to communicate with each other through wireless technologies.
Acruxtek has the expertise to provide intelligent transportation system using state of the art technologies. Following are some of the systems which we offer toour clients:

    • Automated Toll Collection Systems
    • Vehicle Identification Systems
    • Vehicle Classification Systems
    • Speed Enforcements
    • Congestion Detection
    • Electronic Seals
    • Containers Tracking
    • Traffic Analysis


Interactive Small Arms Training Simulator

InSATS is an indigenously developed firearms training and combat simulator to enhance engagement skills of military and law enforcement agencies in real-world situations, ambushes and maintain situational awareness.
Retrofitted with recoil mechanism and sensors, InSATS provide difficult real-world situations with ZFM periscope visual display. InSATS, equipped with electro-magnetic recoil assembly, uses infrared sensor to point at the screen. MEMS / gyroscope provides accurate pointing (< 10 mm). Functional specifications of InSATS can be enhanced by using pulse, sweating and temperature sensors in wearable form factor.
InSATS provides simulated telescope view in 3D with zoom in and zoom out functions. It also provides facility to toggle views. 3D computer generated scenes include mountains, tropical region, desert and urban areas. The system provides to add 3D mesh objects in the scenes like military vehicles, plantation, humans, animals and buildings to make the scenes closer to real life situations. Climatic conditions like rain, fog and clouds can also be imposed on the scenes.
Instructor module of InSATS provide facility to create and manage battlefield scenarios along with controlling of environmental conditions, 3D model movement, loading battlefield maps and virtual terrain database. The simulator can be used in practice or live modes. The instructor is able to manage learner and results database. The instructor can also record & playback exercises and use firing graphs and advanced statistics to adjudge the outcome.
Following are the specifications of 3D simulation engine:

    • 3D Computer Generated Scenes
    • Mountains, tropical region, desert, city & buildings
    • Rain, fog, clouds, sunlight, moon position
    • Atomic clock synchronization
    • 3D Mesh Objects Assets Library
    • Buildings, military vehicles, plantation, humans, animals etc.
    • Advance Gaming Sub Engines
    • Physics Engine (Mass, velocity, friction, wind)
    • A.I Engine (Neural Network, Genetic Algo, Fuzzy logic)
    • Simulated Battlefield Sounds
    • Explosions, engine sounds, weather sounds, soldier voices etc.
    • Programming
    • C++, C#


Automated Data Extraction

Acruxtek has developed intelligent technology for automated data extraction from scanned documents using lexical analysis including processing of information contained in tabular form. This capability is being used by our client for processing of pre-filled documents.
Our lexical analysis methodology provides natural language processing and morphological techniques of artificial intelligence.

Facial Recognition System

Our Facial Recognition System (FaceAI) is based on deep learning techniques to gain state-of-the-art performance on benchmark face recognition datasets such as LFW.
FaceAI has been developed to serve diverse markets i.e. for security of sensitive installations, law enforcement agencies, airports & transportation, security of commercial buildings, schools and gaming. For every security or customer-identification goal, our technology can give accurate alerts within seconds. We offer military-grade facial identification capability that communicates instantly with a large scale central database of images and returns results in the shortest possible time.
Acrux is currently developing following features in FaceAI:
In this feature, IP CCTV camera is being embedded with high end ARM processor with built-in DSPs to get the maximum performance for our facial recognition algorithm.The client through an interface can upload and maintain its own watch list. Livecam feature analyzes real time video stream and raise alert when anyone from the watch list appears in the real-time video feed.FaceAI to incorporate number of camera engines from Low light to IR cameras and even thermal imagers.
Matching Server
This feature puts server software on a cloud and carry out matching of 1:1 and 1:many images in a secure environment. Matching server is designed to search databases containing millions of facial images in the shortest possible time. This feature provides customizable API which gives the capability to upload images for identification. A separate module is also provided to carryout training of additional templates when required.
Windows Login
This feature uses embedded or external webcam on the laptop / personal computer and validates login credentials of the persons by using facial recognition technology of FaceAI.