Non-Lethal Electric Fence (NLEF)

NLEF provides an effective deterrence against intrusion into a sensitive area restricting any sort of movement across perimeter of an installation. The most common usage of NLEF is to enhance the security of sensitive areas such as airports, military installations, prisons, and other security sensitive places. NLEF can also be effectively used for the protection of residential areas.
The fence installation is designed keeping the human safety in consideration and avoiding any undesired engagement or false alerts. The NLEF provides accurate and timely alerts identifying the exact point of intrusion. NLEF can be augmented with installing concentria coils to further bolster the perimeter security.


Intelligent Video Analytics

Acruxtek uses BRS Labs’ AISight® system which is an artificial intelligence based solution for video surveillance. AISight system teaches itself to recognize and raise alert on an unexpected behavior across any camera’s field of view. This patented, award-winning technology improves safety and security by helping organizations recognize and respond to threats in real time. AISight system supports a wide range of cameras and networks, in new or existing infrastructures. Enterprise deployments with thousands of cameras can typically be installed within the days, without custom programming or human intervention. Managed cloud installations can be fully functional in a short period of time.
AISight system provides data-driven, real-time insights as events unfold, rather than just forensic information applied after the fact delivers direct visibility into safety issues as well as security, such as automatic recognition of smoke, fire, and flooding. It enhances situational awareness and risk assessment by applying behavioral recognition technology that’s easier to deploy, easier to use, more effective and less expensive to operate than any alternative currently available.


Vehicle Access Control System – VACS

VACS provides vehicle identification using UHF RFID reader. Secure e-Tags can be affixed on the windshield of vehicles. The system detects the vehicle automatically and can open road blocker or barrier attached with it. The identity of drivers can also be verified using multi-biometric readers to strengthen the overall security.


Personnel Access Control System – PACS

PACS provides personnel identification using smart cards or multi-biometric authentication systems.Acruxtek also provides software for complete smart card life cycle management. PACS also integrates with the security equipment installed at entry / exit points such as turnstiles or electronic locks.


Physical Security Information Management – PSIM

Centralized command and control software that helps integrate all the security equipment in a unified environment. Tightly integrated and based on the industry best practices, we can provide 360 degree view of complete security infrastructure. PSIM provides real time situational awareness of an installation. It can be implemented using a scalable and modular design with high availability and disaster recovery components.