Access Control System


The Access Control System (ACS) provides the ability to control the access rights of airport staff / passengers / others between secure/non secure areas as well as air/landside. The design, planning and deployment of the ACS enables the security processes of the airport to ensure that only the right people with the correct credentials gain admittance to secured areas of the complex. The ACS is a critical system in enabling the required response to an event to be determined efficiently.
In addition to threat and risk mitigation, the ACS system also plays a crucial role in monitoring the current situation throughout the airport by enabling appropriate personnel to view the different zones defined within the building. The ACS system is an IP based system and hence relies on the Structured Cabling Network (SCN) for transmission of information. The ACS manages the database of personnel for all operational staff, including all the relevant security data being transmitted across the IP network.
The Access Control is based on validation of a cardholder’s badge in order to restrict entrance in critical areas of the complex only to authorized persons.

Our Expertise

Acrux Technologies has the ability to provide following services for complete solution of Access Control System:

  • System Planning & Design
  • Installation
  • System configuration & troubleshooting
  • Integration with other systems
  • Testing & Commissioning
  • Operations & Maintenance

System Architecture of ACS

The Access Control System is designed to allow or deny access on secured areas and to guarantee output control via access control readers. The access control is based on validation of a cardholder’s badge in order to restrict entrance in critical areas of the complex only to authorized persons. The ACS design is centered on the CEM suite of Access Control Software and Hardware known as AC2000 Standard Edition. AC2000 is an enterprise class computerized Access Control System, built on a standard Server/Client architecture. Computer hardware and software provides highly advanced security management solutions which include integrated access control, ID badging, alarm monitoring, and the industry’s most advanced and flexible range of card readers.

AC2000 offers a powerful suite of client based applications that allow managing multiple aspects including central alarm monitoring, ID badging, visitor management, guard tour implementation, muster zone.

The AC2000 VIPPS system provides a photo imaging application that is fully integrated with the AC2000 access control software. VIPPS gives the operator a range of video imaging facilities for capturing personnel images, company logos and personnel signatures and incorporating these onto professionally designed passes.

Integration with other security systems

ACS is fully capable of integration with other security systems including CCTV, Fire Alarm Detection System (FADS), and Security Management Information System (SMIS).