Robotic Process Automation – Invoice Processing

Acrux Technologies has developed software robot for its US based client for the processing of its invoices. For this purpose, RPA tools of UiPath have been used as UiPath provides reliable platform to build software robots which can automate email operations, data extraction, data validation, error reconciliation and data posting in the accounting applications.

Our software robot (bot) for the invoice processing performs the following functions:

  • Continuously look for incoming emails containing invoices
  • Open such emails and download invoices (PDF/Excel/Zip formats) after creating a specific folder
  • Perform data extraction from the invoices both at the header and items level
  • Validate the invoice data
  • Open Oracle application
  • Perform series of data posting steps in the application depending upon the type of invoices (2-way matching or 3-way matching)
  • Update process log