SimFire – Fire Arms Simulator

Fire Arms Training Simulator is indigenously developed simulator for the combat training of the military and law enforcement agencies to enhance the engagement skills by producing real-world situations, ambushes, border patrolling, hostage situations etc.

The Simulator supports multiple weapons such as Hand Pistol, MP5A2, SMG, Assault Rifle, G3 and RPG. By using electro-magnetic recoil assembly with sensors such as MEMS and Infrared Pointing solution, it can calculate point of impact up to 10mm. Multiple gadgets such as pulse monitor, sweat sensor, temperature sensor, and heart rate monitor can be integrated to examine the performance and fatigue factor of the firer.

Fire Arms Training Simulator consists of following features:

  • 3D generated computer scenery.
    Mountains, Tropical Region, Desert, Built-Up Areas, Remote areas, Jungle
  • 3D generated met conditions
    Fog, Rain, Clouds, Humidity, Storms, Sunlight, Moon position, Glare. Haze, Temperature, Humidity
  • 3D generated sounds
    Explosions, engine sounds, airplane sounds, wild animal sounds, river sounds. All these sounds are 3D based.
  • Atomic Clock
    Sun and Moon position with respect to time (Month of the year)
  • 3D Assets/Mesh library
    Simulator is capable of importing new assets into the system such as inclusion of new friend and foe, military vehicles, wild animals etc.
  • AI based friend/foe behavior.
    Enemy fires back once you start firing, their movement and behaviors are based on AI that includes Genetic Algo, Fuzzy Logic and Neural Network.
  • Physics Engines
    Multiple engines can be used in simulator like Nvidia’s PhysX, Bullets, Newton Physics engine which helps in producing of real-world physics. Mass, Velocity, acceleration, friction, wind, these all are calculated based the physics engine selected.
  • Gaming Engine and Tools
    Unreal Engine 4, Autodesk 3D, Adobe Illustrator. These tools are used to produce textures and assets for the simulator.
  • User Management
    MySQL, SQL Server 2012 and Oracle DB can be used with simulator. (Database selection is optional)

Key features of the simulator can be summarized as follows:

  • Equipped with electro-magnetic recoil assembly to simulate fire jerk
  • Uses infrared sensors for precise aiming (<10mm)
  • Replicates 6x zoomed telescope view using periscope mounted OLED screen
  • 3D computer generated scenes include mountains, forests, deserts and urban areas
  • Provides facility to add 3D mesh objects in the scenes like military vehicles, plantations, people, animals and buildings to make the scenes closer to real life situations
  • Climatic conditions like rain, fog and clouds can be imposed on the scenes.
  • Selection of sunlight / moonlight conditions and atomic clock synchronization
  • Provides ability to shoot in night vision mode
  • 3D surround sound system for explosions, engine sounds, soldier voices etc.
  • Physics engines used to calculate velocity, ballistics and wind factors
  • Artificial Intelligence used to simulate enemy movements and responses
  • Ability to enhance functional specifications by using pulse, sweating and temperature sensors in wearable form factor
  • Provides comprehensive instructor module to create and manage battlefield scenarios along with controlling of environmental conditions, 3D model movement, loading battlefield maps and virtual terrain database. Can be configured for practice or live modes. The instructor can also record & playback exercises and use firing graphs and advanced statistics to adjudge the outcome
  • System flexible for its adoption for other small arms training scenarios like pistols and rifles