Master Electronic Clock System


The Master Electronic Clock System is used to provide accurate time information for the public and operating personnel in any complex. In order to assure a uniform and reliable time information the system is equipped with a GPS synchronized Central Master Clock that distributes correct time to Slave Clocks and other systems requiring correct time. The system has also a duplicated Master Clock for backup purpose. Digital Clocks are synchronized from the Master Clock by using the NTP protocol.

The Master Electronic Clock system is of type “distributed intelligence system” which means that every unit can immediately and automatically without delay take over the functions necessary if needed. For example if the synchronization signals from both the Master Clocks is disturbed or missing the Digital Clocks will continue to operate autonomously. The distribution of time in the Clock system is based on Network Time Protocol, NTP. The Central Master Clock act as a NTP Time server. Digital Clocks act as NTP clients and fetches time from the Master Clocks. Any 3rd party system connected to the network and supporting NTP can receive correct time from the Time server. All Clocks has support for SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol). This is used for error reporting and status monitoring.

The following main equipment and systems compose the proposed MECS system:

  • Westerstrand Time Central (Time synchronization equipment)
  • Westerstrand Digital Clocks
  • Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Core Switch
  • Cisco C2900 Series Edge Switches

Our Expertise

Acrux Technologies has the ability to provide following services for complete solution of Master Electronic Clock System:

  • System Planning & Design.
  • System configuration & troubleshooting.
  • Integration with other systems.
  • Testing & Commissioning.
  • Operations & Maintenance.

The team of Acrux Technologies is qualified and trained to offer reliable and efficient performance of all the aforementioned tasks.

System Architecture of MECS

The Clock System consists of one Central Master Clock, one Redundant Master Clock and Digital Clocks.
The essential parts of the Clock System are:

  • Central Master Clock.
  • Hot Standby (redundant) Master Clock
  • Digital Clocks

A dedicated LAN is provided to enable the distribution of the NTP time synchronization to the digital clocks and to the other systems requiring the time reference.

Integration with other Systems

MECS is fully capable of integration with intelligent operating equipment and other 3rd party systems as well.

In New Islamabad International Airport, MECS will be integrated with Airport’s Complete Network Infrastructure, Flight Information Display System, Integrated Building Management System, Baggage Handling System, Common User Interface System, CCTV System, Security Access Control System, Gate Management System, and other user defined systems.