Public Address System


The Public Address System (PAS) has been designed keeping into mind that this system is the medium to make public broadcasts of routine, situational, important and emergency announcements. The PAS System architecture is based on digital audio processing and transmission over a dedicated network. The customizable PAS-platform allows flexibility in configuration, scalability and advanced processing; real-time control via customizable GUIs and several interface options to other systems like Fire Alarm System and Access Control System. PAS provides an automatic announcement facility for making routine, situational and emergency announcements. It also prioritizes according to current situation of the airport. It can mute the Background Music (BGM) and automatically lower the priority of routine messages in case of fire or emergency. PAS System is mainly used to:

  • Inform and guide the passengers about departure and arrival flights information, boarding announcements, individual calls, etc.
  • Broadcast background music into selected areas
  • Broadcast security announcements
  • Interfaces with Fire Alarm System and in case of emergencies broadcast the audio alarm messages into pre-defined public areas

All the programming and processing of PAS system are controlled by a specialized software installed at the central servers. All parts of the New Passenger Terminal Building are covered by a high fidelity and high intelligibility sound system. The PAS system provides simultaneous broadcasting of different calls to different locations.

Our Expertise

Acrux Technologies has the ability to provide design, installation /configuration, operations and maintenance of PAS system. Technical team of Acrux is qualified and trained to offer following services relating to Public Address System:

  • Multiple types of Speakers LSPC, LSPB, LSPH, LSPA for indoor and outdoor infrastructures
  • Calling Stations, which includes Master, Standard, and Basic types, for live announcements.
  • Noise Sensors control the speakers’ sound level by calculating background Noise
  • Different type of Amplifiers controls the sound level of PAS speakers in a building

System Design

PAS System is based on distributed layout with system and core racks. The central point of the system for the interfacing with other systems is composed of the Network Controller, OMNEO Interfaces, and Audio Expanders which are installed in core rack.

To define a PAS system in any building, we define it into several zones. Zoning and looping reduces cabling and so maintenance of system become easy. The PAS System provides digital audio signal processing and transmission of audio signals via a simple network system. The audio transportation in the system is in digital form.

Main Components of PAS

PAS system in a building includes different products. Following are the list of main components used in PAS system:

  • Network Controller
  • Power Amplifier
  • Audio Expander
  • OMENEO Interface
  • PAS Call Stations
  • PAS Speakers
  • PAS Monitoring PC

Call Stations

All announcements are made by Master Call Station. Standard and Basic Call Station follows the Master Call station. Announcements can be heard in the defined zones and subzones of Airports as per requirements. Zones are defined in the centralized software application.

Noise Sensors

Noise Sensors are installed among different PAS zones to monitor the volume of announcement by calculating the noise level of the area.