Case Study – SmartRevenue.AI


Acrux Technologies under the service brand TaxMuawin is Pakistan’s leading and trail blazing exponent of conversational income tax e-filing service.  The portal based service employs a symbolic AI based evaluator (A SharpEye.AI implementation) which examines a tax declaration, and rates its audit risk. The offering is a milestone development in the country’s evolution of tax systems.

On the other hand, the Federal Revenue agency has also made solid progress in creating the core Inland Revenue Information System (IRIS) which encompasses an elaborate range of impressive and state-of-the-art features.


Yet, the country’s tax revenue collection remains abysmally low and anaemic. The cause can largely be traced to the issues relating to the quality of the human resource with respect to the application of discretionary controls, areas where traditional Information Technology falls short and where new Machine Learning based systems are needed which can emulate or exceed requisite quality human performance.


Acrux, under its AIRA Initiative, is working to provide cutting edge solutions to these chronic and seemingly intractable problems which have hampered Federal Tax collection despite significant successes in more traditional information technology functions. SmartRevenue.AI will employ:

  • Deep Learning which enables computers to emulate or surpass human performance in specialized domains
  • Robotic Process automation which allows computers to replace humans even as users of the computer system for moderate skill tasks (Computer becomes the computer user)
  • System to system integration and big data frameworks to enable improved exploitation of third party data sources
  • Block Chain technology which will allow an unprecedented level of security against data tampering