Dashboard & KPIs Tool

Create Interactive Real Time Info Customized Dashboards

Dashboards present important insights from your databases (CSV/SQL), displayed as interactive, real time info visualizations. dashboard tools and its various data visualization options to present relevant data, performance and status indicators. Focus on key values, assign appropriate dashboard permissions and share dashboards with appropriate users. Monitor key values that will alert when relevant KPI change its status.

Your own business data on an interactive customized dashboard with analytical.

Dashboard Tools Features

  • Use your own data sources: Use available SQL data sources or Excel / CSV sources from your business environment to create Customized Interactive Dashboards and KPIs
  • Use Analytic Slicer: Write SQL Queries on your Data Sources and Show Data in Graphs for your Dashboards
  • Use existing Analysis: Use already existing analysis for Dashboards
  • Share Dashboards and Reports: Share your Dashboards with other people in your environment. Secure way of dashboard interaction with other users based on given permissions.
  • Drag and Drop Experience: Use drag-and-drop intuitive user interface to create Dashboards elements.
  • PIN Favorite Elements: PIN favorite elements to your customized Dashboards
  • KPIs: Create Key Performance Indicators that quickly reflect important values.
  • Monitor: Use drag-and-drop intuitive user interface to create Dashboards elements.