Facial Recognition System

Our Facial Recognition System (FaceAI) is based on deep learning techniques to gain state-of-the-art performance on benchmark face recognition datasets such as LFW.

FaceAI has been developed to serve diverse markets i.e. for security of sensitive installations, law enforcement agencies, airports & transportation, security of commercial buildings, schools and gaming. For every security or customer-identification goal, our technology can give accurate alerts within seconds. We offer military-grade facial identification capability that communicates instantly with a large scale central database of images and returns results in the shortest possible time.

Acrux Technologies is currently developing following features in FaceAI:


In this feature, IP CCTV camera is being embedded with high end ARM processor with built-in DSPs to get the maximum performance for our facial recognition algorithm. The client through an interface can upload and maintain its own watch list. Livecam feature analyzes real time video stream and raise alert when anyone from the watch list appears in the real-time video feed. FaceAI to incorporate number of camera engines from Low light to IR cameras and even thermal images.

Matching Server

This feature puts server software on a cloud and carry out matching of 1:1 and 1:many images in a secure environment. Matching server is designed to search databases containing millions of facial images in the shortest possible time. This feature provides customizable API which gives the capability to upload images for identification. A separate module is also provided to carryout training of additional templates when required.

Windows Login

This feature uses embedded or external webcam on the laptop / personal computer and validates login credentials of the persons by using facial recognition technology of FaceAI.