Infrastructure Management Services

IT infrastructure is the core of any IT organization, its robustness and reliability ensures the critical business services availability. Infrastructure Management services that span distributed and centralized systems and Networks environments, deliver quality services to end users with maximum throughput and performance.

Acrux provide simplified IT Infrastructure Management services by orchestrating them in accordance to organizations future business requirements and their IT infrastructure in place. We can offer definite service level agreements that can be tailored to safeguard meet or exceed customers’ sole business requirements and prospects. By using our Infrastructure Management services, you can manage operating systems, servers (blades/single), storage (SAN/NAS/DAS), middleware, hardware, networks and security devices; therefore, speeding up fundamental business processes. We offer these services by engaging our staff at your facilities to outsource your IT infrastructure operations or by providing Remote support.

This allows your IT staff to focus on high-level activities to make your business more competitive, while Acrux Technologies takes care of these primitive yet critical tasks at reduced costs with higher guaranteed service levels and acumen.

Infrastructure Management Services Offers

  • Automating manual processes and ensuring availability of business processes, people and IT assets
  • Reducing total costs for the organization by efficiently managing various platforms
  • Manage complexity by buying services instead of investing heavily in technologies and competencies
  • Proactively dealing with potential threats to network/systems and their availability and train users to ensure their data security
  • Manage resource deployments to ensure that essential resources are available to perform required tasks to meet specific business requirements

Acrux Technologies Infrastructure Management services portfolio provides you with solutions that ensure that your IT department is equipped with the right skills, abilities and technologies to meet business challenges.

We Offer Following Services:

  • Planning and Designing services
    • Network planning and designing for data centers, LAN / WAN
    • Infrastructure planning and designing for data centers & BCP / disaster recovery site
    • Requirements analysis for systems / servers / storage (SAN/NAS/DAS etc.)
    • Product selection / comparison / evaluation expertise to minimize the cost with the selection of right products including network, systems, storage, infrastructure
  • On site and remote Technical Support for Systems
  • IT operations
  • Digital Workplace Management and implementation
  • Connectivity and Information Security Management and optimization
  • Virtual Server Management (VMware, Hypervisor etc.)
  • Network Engineering
  • Network Operations
  • Migration Services
  • Storage management, configuration, replication, backup and day to day operational tasks
  • Storage Area Networking
  • Telephony Management
  • Vendor Management