Self Service BI

Sometimes you have a set of data you want to analyze and visualize it to find additional answers and insights of it, but you probably will not engage creating Datawarehouse/OLAP cubes, which almost always requires knowledge, time, tools, etc. With Our Self-Service BI tools, end-user can quickly import data from SQL query results and CSV files and configure Analytic Models. A set of values from SQL query results or CSV files is transformed to analytic models and Self-Service BI tools are ready for all users to use them in the analysis, reports, and dashboards, while values from the same data sources could be scheduled to be updated regularly with new values based on our scheduled update preference.

Make Connections With Data Sources


Write SQL Queries on data you have imported

Screenshot_2019-08-02 TDAS Queries(1)

Convert Data to Graphs (For Dashboards)

Data Graphs